The sun rises early here (Beijing in June) - before 4:30 - and the days are long.  We have been blessed to have cool weather - afternoon rains have kept the temperature down (85 degrees). 
    The streets are clean - thanks to a multitude of street cleaners who are out with their straw brooms (often wearing a dust mask over their face).  Mostly older women have this job - though I have seen a few young women and men.  The gardens are immaculately groomed.  The park at the Temple of Heaven is an excellent

Temple of Heaven

At the Temple of Heaven - which is truly a "park of the people",many generations are enjoying the park.  Elderly and middle aged people playing cards, majohn, and Chinese chess.  Mothers with their crocheting and making crafts to sell, young and old playing with the feathered "hackey saks", we saw elderly couples practicing "the tango" to music provided by musicians.  Opera singers and musicians were practicing for their performance for that night.  always people smiling.  A few older people were

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