At night people are on the streets, talking, shopping, socializing, walking and playing games.  The atmosphere is very friendly and felt extremely safe.  The interaction among the people is refreshing.  There were people with their wares spread on a blanket ant the sidewalks, people selling fruit and vegetables from baskets on the back of their bikes.

The Bamboo  Park is beautiful - and alive with the people.  They are walking, buying, playing games, sketching the scenery, and picnicing.  We saw a group that must have been a watercolor workshop.  A man was demonstrating painting and his earlier demo's were hung all around their picnic area.
    There is a tea house and a lot of outside benches and tables.  There were also an abundance of ponds.  Among them were lily ponds, fish (carp) ponds, Lotus flower ponds, and duck ponds. In the garden are several pagodas and beautiful buildings.  There is a stature (and somewhere a tomb) of a famous poetess.