Three Kingdoms Cruise Line

    The Three Kingdom's Cruise line is much more than we expected.  There were only four groups on the ship - a group of about sixteen from Sweden, group from China of about five, a group of from San Francisco (a Chinese-American with his son and his elderly (though really spicy) Chinese mother - who had come back to her homeland for a visit in her old age), then our group of about five Americans.  It is still strange to be referred to as the Americans - but, I kind of like it.
    There are four floors on the ship.  We are staying on the third level.  The cabin is very nice for a cruise ship standard cabin.  There re two beds (bigger than a twin but smaller than a full), a Western standard restroom ( this really made the girls happy), a dresser, closet, T./, and two cabinets.  The hallway is very large - about twelve feet wide.  Here there are  very comfortable rattan chairs and table sets.  The doors and walls are elaborately decorated.  The door decorations are wood cutouts.

Three Gorges Dam (1)    Three Gorges Dam (2)
                Making Dumplings      Gorge (1)    Gorges (2)     
FengDu (1)
    Fengdu (2)              Gorges (3)