Chairman Mao's Birthplace

Chairman Mao's birthplace is a National Shrine visited as we visit George Washington's Mt. Vernon home.  The Chinese people we saw there (also visiting Mao's birthplace) were happy that we had come to honor Mao's Mao's memory.  Xi'an (our guide for the day) told us that a group of old men were talking about us, saying that they were so happy we were there.  Many people said, "Hello!" or "Hello! Hello! Hello!" to us.  We had a girl that wanted to take her picture with us (all over China we had people come up to us wanting to take a picture with us..  We definitely drew a lot of attention.
    When we allowed several Chinese go in front of us at a famous picture spot by the Lotus Pond (their bus was getting ready to go),  the group told our guide that we were so nice.  Then one said, "Let the American's go."  It was funny being referred to as "the Americans".  Several times on the trip we were identified as the "American Group".  It really made us aware that what we did was directly shaping the Chinese peoples opinion of what Americans are like.

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