In the country, the farmers seem to stay with more traditional methods of farming.  Individuals or small groups work in the rice fields - pulling weeds and harvesting by hand.  They use tools like a long bladed hoe and a double pronged rake like tool. 
    Farmers wearing straw hats  are seen harvesting the rice.  They tie bundles of the rice stalks and toss them into the water to be collected later.
    Water buffalo are seen frequently in the country.  They are used to plow in the rice fields.  Also, in the evenings you will see a water buffalo on a lead rope grazing and being tended by someone to make sure they don't stray into the fields.  The water buffalo must be very tame and docile.  They can be seen walking with or standing beside farmers - very companion like. 
    I didn't see many dogs.  In the city people tend to very small dogs - in the country the dogs are medium sized and seem to be more mixed breeds .  Some dogs were observed to be working with a shepard herding sheep.  Most of the country dogs were mixed breeds - though I did see a beautiful German Shepard.  In the city the dogs seemed to be more purebred - I did see a few very large dogs - but overall small dogs were prevalent.

Observations on rebuilding a road in the country.

    The work along the road is mostly done by hand.  Workers with hammers, breaking out chunks of concrete that they carry by hand into wheel burrow to be hauled away.  The work went on for miles.  After about 30 miles - I saw a bulldozer and other equipment - next to people doing the same jobs by hand.
On the highway, very few cars are seen - mainly trucks and sight seeing vans.  The side roads are narrow and basically bicycles and walkers use them.